Friday 27 February 2015

Leonard Simon Nimoy March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015

A very sad day.

"I'm touched by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful - collecting these shards of spirituality - that we may be helping to bring about a healing." — Leonard Nimoy

"I am not Spock." — Leonard Nimoy

"Spock is definitely one of my best friends. When I put on those ears, it's not like just another day. When I become Spock, that day becomes something special." — Leonard Nimoy

"You proceed from a false assumption: I have no ego to bruise." — Leonard Nimoy

"You know, for a long time I have been of the opinion that artists don't necessarily know what they're doing. You don't necessarily know what kind of universal concept you're tapping into." — Leonard Nimoy

 "LLAP" Leonard Nimoy, and also Spock